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Staff Training Program

TCSO goal is to approach a proactive training strategy to improve our officers knowledge, promote officer confidence while enhancing their abilities, and meet our professional standards requirements, situational awareness to deter criminal activity, detect potential threats by implementing strategic threat assessments.

Trainers/Intructors are certified Tcole, NRA and LTC Instructors with proven results and many years of experience, by our own management staff, Guest speakers, Training seminars, and online resources from government agencies.  Training implementation is  in a class room, field interactive exercises and through public interactions. security training

Mandatory Continued Education Training

All Commissioned Officers are required to attend continuing education courses annually or as often as TCSO have scheduled classes to ensure compliance with local and state laws, security procedures, rules and regulations as well as TCSO standard operating procedures and officer professional standards.

There will be periodic onsite testing to ensure satisfactory security levels are maintained at all times. In 

Crisis Prevention/Response

Disaster Preparedness

Verbal Judo to deter, detect, defuse potential conflict and redirect behaviors.

Using Interactive scenarios, table top exercises, virtual interactions to reinforce instructional objectives.

Annual/Periodic firearms training

Annual Employee evaluation on Staff/Management Teams

360 Performance Reviews

(CE) Continued Education Training Requirements

 32 additional hours per year of- Conflict Resolution and Defensive Tactics, Principles of Verbal Judo, The Force Continuum Escalation/De-Escalation, Communication Skills, Negotiation Techniques, Weaponless Strategies, Krav Maga, Injury Prevention, Use Of Force Policy. Advance Firearms, Handling Stress, Assisting Law Enforcement, Public Relations, Off Duty Safety, empty hand techniques, MMA

40 additional hours of- Patrol Techniques and Criminal Law Class including expert standards for engaged, proactive, thorough foot patrols, to cover all internal/external areas as well vehicular patrols to inspect all outdoors areas for criminal activity, illegally parked cars, crime prevention, Detection/Reporting of suspicious behaviors, theft of property Investigations, Texas Penal Code, Situational Awareness, Handcuffing Techniques, Powers Of Arrest, Security Authority, K9 handler refresher, Use of Force Policy, Useful Tactics, CPR/First Aid, Crisis Intervention, Dealing with Mentally Challenge Individuals, Master Security Patrol Officer Testing, Calming and difusing high stressful situations training, Active Shooter Response, Plan B drills, Room Clearing

24 hours additional of-  Risk/Threat Management Counter Terrorism training including 

The Principles of Situational Awareness, Vigilance, Psychological Profiling, Identifying behaviors Of Concerns, Active Shooter scenerios and crisis management that adheres to clients policy, Notifying Law Enforcement in event of an  emergency involving potential serious bodily injury, loss of life, theft, notifying supervisor while following Crisis Management Plan.

8 hours additional of- customer service training to teach exceptional courtesy, professional standards and respect, Including uniform and grooming standards, and respect for others, approachable responsive resource for clients constituents and the public requiring assistance, giving directions to client buildings/offices, parking lots, signing in/out of businesses, prompt accurate report & reporting procedures including DAR, Incident Reports, Security Concerns, and Time sheets. Building Financial Strength

We TCSO LLC believe the more knowledgeable our officers are is very important for their success and our code of ethics. Implementing a regular mandated ongoing training practices, increases proficiency, muscle memory and their performance under stressful situations. Whilst officers are engaging in continued education training methods it boost their moral, and gives them confidence that they can execute any challenges that they may encounter during their shift, and also Increases their chances for growth in the industry or advancement to the next level..

Security Officer Training Courses

Please Send email to for more information or Register below. payment is due before the first day of the course . Payments can be made online through paypal or in person money orders only the day before the class.