Rank Structure/Roles


Board Members-Corporate Officers

President- Jasper Fairman

Vice President- Vacant

Secretary - Vacant

Treasurer- Tamera Martin

Administration Command Staff

Chief/Director of Security & Training- Jasper Fairman

Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Security-Vacant

Interim Assistant Chief/Asst. Director of Security- Paul Edmunds

Deputy Chief/ Director of Sales & Business Development -Vacant

Assistant Deputy Chief-Training/Professional Standards Division- Vacant

Division Commanders

Major- Manager of Operations/Support/Accounts- Vacant

Captain- Training/Officer Development- Vacant

Captain-Patrol and Investigations Division- Vacant

1st Lieutenant- Human Resource Manager/Asset/Budget/Payroll- Keith Goffney

Division Management/Accounts Manager Field & Office

Lieutenant- Watch Commanders- Ryan Lankford, Vacant

First Sergeant- Vacant

Master Sergeant-Shift/Patrol/FTO Management- Vacant

FTO, Site/Shift Primary/Secondary Supervisors

(SFC) Sergeant First Class- Vacant

(SSGT) Staff Sergeant- Officer Support/Scheduling/Recruiting-Craig Houston

(SSGT) Staff Sergeant- Recruiting Officer/HR Support-Justin Davis

(SGT) Sergeant- Vacant 

Site Leads/FTO

(SCPL) Senior Corporal-Site lead-Kersia Espinal


No Roles/Enlistment

Senior Officer