Coming Soon


K9 Patrol Officers

We will soon have K9 Patrol Officers that will be ready to assist you on your property. Our officers will be trained and specialized in K9 basics and receive their handler certifications. K9 Officers must meet the minimum requirements to be selected in the division, and will undergo continued education. Our K9 services will include:

Narcotics Detection

Illegal Substance Detection

Explosive and Weapons Detection

Human Concealment Detection

Tracking and Article Searches


Professional Dog Training 

Sales, and Rentals


Mounted Security Patrol Officers

We will be working on including a Mounted Patrol program to provide services for our clients properties, Private Parks, Neighborhoods, Events, Parades, for crowd control, Social Events, School Activities and many more. Officers and the Horses will have to under go 12 weeks to up to a year of training, then continued training and education to adhere to the requirements, State laws and regulations suitable for a mounted patrol program. All graduating officers will received their certifications once they have graduated the training academy.


Security Bike Patrol Officers

These services will be an added feature for our clients that wants to add to a combo patrol package that they already received or are interested in.  Bike Patrol Officers will be required to complete a basic Security/Police Cyclist Course that is anywhere between 3 to 7 days long that consist of written and practical testing procedure. Officers must score a passing grade of 70. The course is orchestrated by a certified IPBMA Instructor.