Mobile Patrols


City Wide/Dedicated Patrols

 Random Patrols throughout the night after normal business hours, or during business hours by a visible marked patrol security unit is a proven way to deter crime, property loss, damage, and help lower your insurance cost. Our Officers are trained to respond to, de-escalate and handle any issues or situations that may arise during their shift while on your property. Officers are trained in report writing and can file detailed accident reports  that occurs on private properties that is permissible in courts.


Single Family Home Patrols

That is right! You have read it correctly TCSO provides single family home patrols. If you need a unit to check your property while you are away from home we will conduct random patrols to private individuals single family residents, who need that added security to make sure your home is secured while you are away. 


Why Us?

Our patrol packages are affordable, Our officers are the best well trained and very knowledgeable on security tactics, and procedures. We will go above and beyond to ensure the safety and preservation of your assets remain intact and your peace of mind goes undisturbed. patrol services