Armed Officers on-site security armed security officers

On-Site Armed Officers


Need  Armed Security to secure your establishment? Our officers are well trained, very discipline, and well supervised.  We will ensure your valuable assets are kept free from disparity. TCSO LLC Armed Commissioned Officers securing your investments on your properties, is an excellent way of deterring criminal activities and maintaining order during or after normal business hours. on-site security security service armed security officers mobile patrol

Personal Protection Officers


Need a plain clothes armed officer to work private parties, special events, hostile employee terminations,  etc? Our highly trained, very skilled officers can work any detail,and handle all special assignments that is custom built to fit any of your various of needs, with strategic planning, accurate threat assessments, safety and evacuation protocols. We are ready to serve you!

What Makes Us Great


We are very honored to be working in this industry. We are well trained,  eager to  provide superior customer service while working on post. Our rates are AFFORDABLE! We have the best technology to complete our duties/Tasks. We Love Serving our Clients. We are clean and professional looking. We will work any schedules and are flexible to fit clients needs, We will make the necessary adjustments when problems arises without hesitation or excuses. We will go ABOVE and BEYOND to satisfy your every needs. We will be on time, prepared, and organized to please your desires. Our management is very knowledgeable and skilled. We have the best team of professionals.  HIRING US will be the best decision you've made guaranteed! Its A No Brainer!